Pre-Analytical Tools

Milestone’s sample handling product line is an innovative and complete portfolio of systems and accessories for the transportation, grossing and fixation of specimens. By utilizing these systems, histology laboratories can critically impact the quality of the whole process of sample handling.

If quality results are needed, careful tissue preparation is necessary. In this regard, specimen handling and tissue fixation are often considered the “Achilles heel” of the pre-analytical step. Although there is a growing awareness that documentation and standardization of the fixation step are of paramount importance, only a limited number of solutions have been available on the market.

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Automation, standardization and safety for full biospecimen management

SealSAFE is the world’s first automatic system that fills dedicated bags containing biospecimens with the required fixative (i.e. formalin) in a standardized and documented way.
This innovative and patented technology allows operators in surgery rooms and in pathology laboratories to handle histology specimens in complete safety.

analytical tools

Elimination of formalin with TissueSAFE plus

TissueSAFE plus is an innovative and patented vacuum system which eliminates the need for formalin in the operating theatre and allows for a controlled, formalin-free, transfer of biospecimens to the laboratory.

analytical tools

Decalcification of Bone Marrows

Milestone’s BoneSTATION consists of two work platforms complete with glass modules for fixation/decalcification. The front platform, used for the decalcification step, features a heating plate with infrared sensors for automatic temperature control up to 50°C and magnetic stirring. The rear platform, for the fixation step, has built-in magnetic stirring only. Two user-friendly work platforms, for easy handling of bone specimens, complete the unit.

BoneSTATION can be used with any type of fixative/decalcifier, even with strong mineral acids such as HCl – HNO3, as all contact surfaces are either glass or PTFE polymer.

analytical tools

Milestone’s DecalMATE enables histotechs to “tailor” their fixation/decalcification process to the specific characteristics of their bone tissue specimens.

For the first time, automatic protocols for fixation/decalcification of bone tissues are available for the modern laboratory. These protocols allow for improved diagnostic quality, consistency of results and faster turn-around time.

The unit consists of a resistance heated, temperature controlled process cavity, made of high chemical resistant techno polymers, with a built-in magnetic stirring device for temperature and concentration homogeneity.