Clean Chemistry

During trace and ultra-trace elemental analysis a number of external factors (such as reagent purity, cross contamination, etc.) that can critically impact the quality of the results.

The inability to control the analytical blank (its chemical composition, its measurement, its effective control) is often the primary source of error and the limiting factor for trace analysis.Milestone has developed an innovative and complete line of systems and accessories for control and reduction of the analytical blank in ICP-MS, ICP-AES and GFAA.

These instruments are dedicated to acid purification, ultratrace cleaning of vessels and reduction of contamination from vessel surface.


The DuoPUR is sub-boiling distillation system which enables laboratories to produce ultra-pure acids from reagent-grade stock to keep the overall blank at the lowest level.

The DuoPUR is the most economic, efficient and safe purification system: up to 90% of the costs are saved and high productivity is granted (up to 3 liters in 8 hours).


Automatic acid reflux system

Milestone’s new TraceCLEAN is an automated, closed, acid reflux system that thoroughly and safely cleans digestion vessels, inserts and AA, ICP, ICP-MS accessories.

The main benefit of this system is that any trace metal contaminants that are present in the cleaning acid stay within the reservoir and do not come in contact with the cleaned trace accessories.