Gas Generators

Continuous and consistent source of high purity nitrogen, hydrogen, zero air for GC and other sensitive instruments is paramount in every lab where quality is a must. Complete solutions for carrier gas, make up gas, reference gas, sample preparation and as flame support or fuel gases are available. Modern and efficient labs do not like to deal with heavy and cumbersome cylinders and hassle- free generators are an excellent alternative in lack of a pipeline. In a short amount of time the investment is fully amortized.

gas generators

Nitrogen – LN Series

LabTech develops innovative gas generators that can be used whenever high-quality nitrogen gas and rapid flow changes are required. By adapting new technologies and innovations in order to maintain a high reliability level, all production steps are focused to offer high-quality solutions to meet any requirements. A special care has been dedicated to membranes, crucial components. All materials used in the production are ecofriendly. The LN series is designed especially for analytical, medical and industrial use, providing an accurate, continuous and consistent supply of nitrogen.
gas generators

Hydrogen – LMH & LMHPLUS Series

The LMH & LMHPLUS series use an electrolytic cell with a polymeric membrane (PEM) to produce pure hydrogen gas. The innovative gas-drying system of the LMHPLUS series is completely ordinary maintenance-free and can run operations 24 hours a day. The exclusive electronically controlled gas/liquid separator automatically checks for internal leaks when the unit starts. Furthermore, the constant control of the operating parameters guarantees maximum safety and the LCD touchscreen interface provides a simple and user-friendly management of all of functions of the unit. Stackability minimizes the use of valuable laboratory floor or bench space.

Zero Air – LZA Series

Zero air instruments are widely used, for example like zero reference for any instrument that measures hydrocarbon concentration or source of fuel air for FID. The LZA series is one of the most compact and efficient hydrocarbon-free air purifier systems for laboratory use. The reliable and efficient “heated catalyst technology” is in use to reduce the emission of THC and methane to less than 0.05 ppm. The LZA series increases the efficiency of any laboratory by avoiding the need of high-pressure gas cylinders. The LZA generators allow the production of in- house purified air in a simple and inexpensive way.