Macro Digital

Patient case documentation? Teaching? Training? Article publication? Need of legal evidence? All these questions have a common answer: HD images and video acquisition.

Milestone’s best selling digital system, MacroPATH, appeared first in 1998. Nowadays it offers a wide range of personalized configurations including the possibility of installing the system on our new grossing station line called Workstation.

The MacroPATH can document the manual grossing step when handling small biopsies (40-60% of specimens). With the latest available digital camera, the performance of MacroPATH is unrivalled, making the description of even a little tiny sample an easy step and in a blink of an eye.20 years of research and development on digital systems for grossing stations have lead MacroPATH to its best performance, open to be adapted to any customer cut up room. With its digital HD features, a complete tool set for image annotation and LIS integration ready, it is the most appreciated system worldwide.

Milestone’s focus on grossing stations has led to the design of two innovative products for the digital documentation of small biopsies and the surgical dissection process: WorkSTATION and eGROSS. At the same time it has been developed MacroVIEW a system for diagnostic and forensic post mortem investigation.


Milestone launched in 1998 the first digital macro imaging system for pathology and ever since has built on decades of experience and satisfied users. Our technology has enabled laboratories to implement better quality assurance oversight, reduce specimen description time, and provide greater accuracy.

The new MacroPATH is a user-friendly system that provides high-resolution images, video and audio files. It can be mounted to fit any existing grossing station or used as a stand-alone system.


Macro digital imaging system for diagnostic and forensic post mortem investigations

MacroView builds on our over 20 years of digital imaging experience to dramatically improve the standardization and documentation of pathology procedures.

This system enables medical examiners and researchers to digitally document with on-image video/audio annotations of a full body, body parts, and small anatomic details.

Medical Workstatiom

State-of-the-art tool system for gross tissue dissection

This all-in-one grossing workstation has been specifically designed to integrate state of the art tools and standardization into a 21st century system for gross tissue dissection.

eGROSS is the first to incorporate the digital power of specimen identification and dissection documentation, introducing a standardized image documenting protocol.

Main Workstation

A user-oriented capture and storage system for digital macro images of small biopsies

In today’s laboratory approximately 40-60% and in some instances up to 95% of specimens are endoscopic biopsies. Handling of these small specimens (3-20 mm) takes place in large, bulky grossing stations designed for very large surgical samples.

WorkSTATION has been developed to fill this technology gap and to document this manual step for patient safety and QA purposes. It dramatically reduces specimen turn-around time at the grossing station compared to conventional handheld systems.