Microwave Ashing

Microwave ashing is a breakthrough for quality control and rapid sample preparation.

The determination of ash content, whether for process control or as a preparation method for other analytical techniques, is an important test performed daily in thousands of laboratories. While ashing is a relatively simple process, conventional muffle furnaces are inefficient in a number of respects which often leads to the process being tedious and time consuming. An alternative to muffle furnaces, electrical resistance furnaces, are typically costly to maintain due to high energy consumption. Additionally, both of these types of instruments have a tendency to diffuse heat making the surrounding laboratory environment uncomfortable due to heat and odors.

Milestone offers microwave ashing systems to meet the needs of your laboratory.

Advanced Microwave Muffle Furnace

The PYRO is available in 3 different and interchangeable configurations: ultrafast heating setup, high sample throughput setup and sulfated asking setup.

  • Fast heating – 8 minutes only from room temperature to 1.000C!
  • Fast ashing – Minutes instead of hours!
  • High sample throughput up to 24 samples simultaneously!
  • 3 different interchangeable setup to choose from
  • No exposure to heat and fumes
  • Rugged and durable construction – standard 1 year warranty!
  • All crucible types can be used – metal, porcelain, quartz fiber
  • Unique Milestone UltraFAST quartz fiber crucibles, instant heating and cooling
  • Even temperature distribution across the muffle cavity
  • On-the-fly microwave programming suitable for FDA CFR 21-Part 11
  • ASTM, USP, SEMI and ISO compliance