Microwave Synthesis

The latest generation of dedicated microwave reactors enables a fast screening of reaction conditions by means of parallel tests, selecting the best catalyst, solvent and conditions bringing microwave assisted synthesis to new levels. Since its introduction, it has allowed chemists to run experiments faster than ever before and with higher yields.
Today microwave synthesis instrumentation has become an optimal choice across the pharmaceutical, biotech, polymers and agro-chemical industries, with thousands of units installed worldwide.


Advanced Flexible Microwave Synthesis Platform

The Milestone flexiWAVE isn’t just flexible, it’s the most powerful system for high pressure and classic glassware synthesis on the market, thus offering functionality of first-class solid phase reactor.
Milestone technical and application 30-year expertise offers guidelines to design and optimize synthetic protocols as well as scaling up to multi-gram production.
Today flexiWAVE for microwave assisted synthesis has become a cutting-edge technology across the pharmaceutical, biotech, polymers, fine and agro-chemical industries, with thousands of units installed worldwide


Microwave Assisted Synthesis

Milestone synthWAVE features the unmatched Single Reaction Chamber (SRC) patented technology that ensures scale, reaction screening, highest temperature and pressure. It is able to handle single or multiple reactions at temperatures up to 300 °C and pressures up to 199 bar.
Incredibly easy to use, the synthWAVE with SRC technology allows the chemist to run large-scale batch and parallel reactions like never before. Small-scale synthesis methods are easily transferred to the SynthWAVE.