Tissue Processing

The tissue processing procedure, as known today, was first introduced in 1909 and from that moment very little has changed. Today demands are different and both patients and health system personnel expect new performances and timely responses. Automation has become fundamental and Milestone answered this issue with a unique automatic tissue processing line. It is equipped with a Hybrid heating core that is based on a microwave plus conventional heating technique.

This technology drastically reduces specimen processing time offering, on one hand, the patient to receive a quality diagnosis in shorter time, reducing his strain of waiting for the results, and to immediately initiate a therapy, when necessary.

On the other hand, Milestone’s new tissue processors increase the productivity of the Lab or Hospital, as well as reducing overall expenses and operating costs.

tissue processing

Innovative hybrid processing technology

PATHOS Delta is the result of Milestone’s 20 years of know-how in applying microwaves to tissue processing.

It provides the ideal combination of automatic processing performance, reagent efficiency and environmental sensitivity, with the morphology and quality that you expect.

PATHOS Delta dual retort tissue processor never moves paraffin wax, resulting in the tissue processor with the highest uptime by design. It runs xylene-free, eliminating solvent degradation of the paraffin. Long reutilization of paraffin wax, along with reduced consumption of reagents overall, delivering a dramatic cost saving.

tissue processing

Simultaneous microwave and resistance heating mode

LOGOS is the first all-in-one tissue processor with the exclusive Milestone patented microwave hybrid processing technology.

This system can operate as a conventional resistance heated overnight tissue processor. It fulfills all CAP/ASCO guidelines for assessing HER-2, ER and PgR testing in breast tissues.
Ultra-rapid dehydration/clearing steps are carried out by microwave heating technology for a faster turnaround. Its processing parameters can be set to fit your specific workflow requirements.

tissue processing

The First “Personal” Hybrid Tissue Processor

In today’s histology labs, the workload consists approximately of 35-50% small biopsies (below 3 mm) and 40-50% surgical specimens. Transplant, STAT, Bone Marrows and urgent biopsies that require a rapid turnaround time are a minority of the total workload. This small number of biopsies interferes with the routine workflow of the laboratory and large capacity conventional tissue processors do not fulfill the requirements for the speed and flexibility.

tissue processing

The efficient, rapid and safe cleaning for wax contaminated racks, molds and forceps

HistosMATE is the perfect companion for making the racks and tools devices quickly and easily cleaned off from paraffin residues.

Its short 7 minutes protocol makes the tedious cleaning step irrelevant!

tissue processing

Multifunctional. One Unit. Six Major Applications.

A state-of-the-art, multifunctional microwave tissue processor, the KOS is ideally suited as a complement to the existing capabilities found in histology laboratories, where the multitasking nature of the instrument can enhance and accelerate many of the typical applications encountered.

HistoDream Tissue Processing

HistoDream visually checks the biopsies/specimens confirmity to their original shape and numerosity,  and records at the sime time the grossing and cassetting and is displayed on the HistoDream EW screen.

HistoDream EW is a robust and reliable unit built to last: it is the ideal companion for tissue embedding and it’s fully equipped to answer any Histotech request.

tissue processor

Lean High-Throughput Tissue Processor

MAGNUS is the processor with the highest uptime by design. It does not require paraffin transfers, saving time and potential blockages. There are no cleaning cycles and a reduced consumption of reagents overall, delivering dramatic cost savings.

Safe by Design. It runs xylene-free, enabling long paraffin reutilization. Additionally, it checks alcohol purity before every step using the (optional) reagent sensor.

During the day, MAGNUS runs urgent biopsies in short, fully automated, continuous loading processes.During the night, MAGNUS runs as an advanced, resistant heated, processor. It also allows the user to set fixation time to fulfill all CAP/ASCO guidelines for assessing HER-2, ER and PgR testing.